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Old school VS Modern

As with the moving time, People are also developing their mentality towards emotions, things, culture and their major priorities. Today we are growing as the world is developing, we are being modern and which we totally should be, we have come to an era where social meeting has transformed to social media, the days where we waited whole day long just to eat that cold and sweet ice cream, but now we are just three touch away to order an ice cream from zomato, at the end of the day we waited for our grand parents to take us to the park, but now we just have a nice and sweet meeting on google meet.

We were so curious to know if the girl likes us or not, following her from school to home like a stalker, but now we just swipe right or left, and damn it’s a match. That chilling up with friends and singing a group song together, now we just believe in ‘netflix and chill’.

Don’t know if this change is good or not but just want to say that being old school has its own perks, we live our life at its best.

-Aayush Acharya