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Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Filling you with the words of joy and tears, makes me feel alive the words which have tons of emotions in it making my every day memorable

Even if there is no one to listen, no one to carry me, no one  to support me, I just look at the every page of you and smile, recalling every sweet memory which lies between a bunch of pages.

The daily trauma I go through, the every challenge I face, I share with no one but you, sometime feels like if people were like a diary with no complains and no demands

I see myself as a organized and careful person but who are we kidding every one is a mess in their own life, tears which just fades away with time, happiness which we demand everyday, expectations which are nothing but a virtual reality which stays till eternity

But as we know life it is what it is if we can’t change it let’s find our happiness in the every small things that matters

Aayush Acharya

Written and Picture by: Aayush Acharya

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