Feminism, A hefty word.

We people really support feminism by saying it, by doing rallies, by organizing seminar regarding woman empowerment, woman rights, woman equality etc. that’s really appreciable. But do you mean it, do you really support feminism when it comes in real life, ask this question to yourself.

A woman, she is a daughter, she is a wife, she is a mother, and she is someone’s sister. She works day and night to support their family, their loved once; even if the condition becomes worst she still stands and fights. She adjusts, she sacrifices, she struggles just to make their family and loved once happy.

 This is the power of a woman.

Feminism or being feminist is not proved by telling or pretending against the world that ‘yes, I am a feminist’ NO. You have to show her the respect, the appreciation and equality she deserves because feminism does not mean downfall of men, it’s about the equality they deserve.

You cannot be a feminist by saying it all around the world, you have to prove it.

Aayush Acharya

(Painting by: Vrutti Patel)

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