Journey of Life


I travel with a bag of dreams having hopes, gaining that strange expectations with all my hopes on that one dream, I don’t believe life is going to be so soft on me but I want it to be. There were thorns on my road but I still managed to go through it, I had fake peoples having dark souls in them, who were stabbing me every time but hiding my wounds I still managed and walk through the road wearing that Guy Fawkes mask which was hiding the sorrow on my face very well

With every rose there were thorns too.

Not all were my friends but that one person holding my back every time, I believe to enjoy the journey rather thinking when I will reach to the end, my journey was full of adventures but with every adventurer I overcame a arduous time, I call it the challenge of life, I experience a strange happiness every time I completed a challenge, the time I realized that this is life, claiming a reward of happiness every time I accomplished a challenge.

Life was not about reaching to the end but was all about a beautiful journey.

Aayush Acharya

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