That weird feeling which we experience, that feeling which lies within us, that feeling which can’t be described in words. The love which we believe will last long, the promise made to love till eternity, all the promises made to be fulfilled. The dreams we saw together to be with each other, that birthdays celebrated together, to celebrate the unconditional love, that late night calls telling each other how much we meant to each other, falling more and more in love. That dates, we went walking throughout the night covered with stars, holding each other’s hand and thanking god for blessing them with the perfect partner which are now the perfect soulmates.

All broken down.

The promises, the memories, the bond, the love all broken down. Its really hard to tell whose fault was it. It was her fault or mine, hard to identify, still crying till dawn, and regretting if I had just talk with her one last time things would be different now, she still would be with me, but realizing in the moment that all the things are long gone now. You could do nothing but regert. But yes, I still recall the good memories which stays with me forever.

And that’s love.

-Aayush Acharya

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