Dreams, an unknown virtual reality

The dreams which we experience while escaping from the reality, living in our own imaginary world of happiness and sorrow, things we wish, we could have in our real life, things we want to eliminate from our life, things we want to achieve in our life, the things which are hard to achieve but still we want to pull that things out.

We dream about the mistakes we have made, the people we have hurt knowing or unknown, we wish if we had a chance to correct those things, life would be different.

We fight, we cry, we lose, we win, we experience everything and not once in the moment we have no idea this is just a dream, everything is gonna be over tomorrow.

Waking up in the morning, having that confused thoughts in our mind, thinking wow, what a beautiful lie it was, but still remembering everything in the dream playing the dream again and again in our mind, having an unknown satisfaction, smiling and saying, ‘ at least, I am happy in my dream’.

-Aayush Acharya

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